The future. How hopeful and frightening at the same time. We dream. We ponder. We plan. We think about what’s next. About small things and big projects. The tomorrow we envision is beautiful, it looms on the horizon. We can imagine just how it will be, but the future isn’t yet within reach.

Our mission.

Strong foundations

We believe that every future starts with unshakable financial foundations. A solid basis that gives us peace of mind, allows us to grow. Strongly and steadily. That’s why we offer financial solutions for future thinkers. Not for thrill seekers or daredevils. But for those who believe it’s better to grow strong, deep roots before aiming for the sky.

No future without sustainability

You cannot think about the future without thinking about sustainability. Our products and services make sustainable growth possible. We contribute to a greener society. We want to build sustainable ways of living. To us, that’s what investing in the future really means.

Achievable goals

Playing it safe is not boring. It is a strategy. One that requires foresight and vision. One that offers a steady yield that turns big plans into achievable goals. One that enables people and capital to grow just like their dreams. And secures a sustainable and solid tomorrow.

We offer financial solutions for future thinkers. Not for sensation seekers or daredevils.

Our story

A unique organisation

Ingage is an organisation with a unique position in the Dutch mortgage market. Together we offer attractive investment opportunities, independent mortgage advice, and mortgage servicing.

Ingage, part of CMIS group, was founded in 2010 following the merger of several service providers who had already been active in the mortgage sector for decades. We have a proven track record in financial services with more than €6 billion in assets under management.

A different drum

We are solid, reliable, but not traditional. We take responsibility for what we do and make sure to deliver the quality we promise.

We are not a disruptor, but we do march to a different drum. We are always looking for new ways to serve our clients and to do better for the world.


Whatever we do, we do it together. We are not here to sell you a product, we are here to guide you on your path to success.

We are lean in our approach and can quickly pursue new opportunities and adapt to changing needs and circumstances.

This makes us the perfect partner to always services tailor made for you.

Ingage and her subsidiaries are based in Amsterdam. Over 100 people work for our company.

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Ingage Investment Solutions

Ingage Investment Solutions creates investment solutions so that capital can enjoy sustainable growth. Our services guide investors through the ever-changing world of asset classes.

Invest in the future

Ingage Servicing

Ingage Servicing offers a smooth service for maintaining investments and achieving future dreams. We take care of the loans lifecycle and support borrowers, advisors, and investors.

Servicing loans

Ingage Franchise

We make independent financial advice available to everyone. Our services allow entrepreneurs to coach homeowners and help them move forwards. All while building a solid business.

Facilitating financial advice