Ingage Investment Solutions

We create investment solutions so that capital can enjoy sustainable growth. Our services guide investors through the ever-changing word of asset classes. With our unique multi-investor platforms, we can always offer an effective solution that achieves a steady yield.

‘We unlock the Dutch mortgage market’

Ingage Investment solutions is part of Ingage. An organisation with a unique position in the Dutch mortgage market. Together we offer attractive investment opportunities, independent mortgage advice, and mortgage servicing.

For investors, this means we understand the playing field, look ahead and adjust our course when needed. We help investors navigate the risks and opportunities of mortgage investments. Set their road for success. Because the world is ever-changing. And the market is too.

What does Investment Solutions do?

Direct access to tailor-made investment solutions.

Merius Investor Platform

The Merius Investment Platform offers a ready-to-go solution for institutional investors to access the Dutch mortgage market.

What you can expect from us:

  • Dedicated mandate and asset management
  • Tailored investment strategy
  • Flexibility in acquiring assets
  • Low expected losses
  • Process follows Solvency II guidelines

Impact Investor Platform

A mortgage for energy-efficient homes and new buildings, as well as for borrowers who want to improve the energy efficiency of their (new) homes.


  • We have drawn up a Green Finance Framework based on the ICMA Green Bonds Principles
  • Invest through an SPV or FGR
  • Flexible allocation in 15 buckets

‘Our services guide investors through the ever-changing world of asset classes’

Ingage Investment Solutions develops new mortgage brands, which meet the needs of investors, advisors, and consumers. To achieve this, we carry out thorough market research and listen to all our stakeholders. Our mortgage brands Merius Hypotheken and Impact Hypotheken can be obtained from independent advisors across the entire country. Their underwriting and management are carried out by Ingage Servicing.

More about our mortgage brands

Our mortgage brands.