Hypokeur – white label formula

Hypokeur combines all the advantages of your own company as a mortgage advisor with the advantages of a national brand. You offer personal, financial advice under your own name and at a competitive price.

You are free to run your own business, plus you stay well ahead of future developments.

Hypokeur – focus on giving advice

You make use of a broad range of mortgages at the best possible conditions from all relevant financers. You have all the space you need to concentrate on the service your give your clients. The Central Organisation supports you in effective process management and compliance.

Hypokeur is a recognisable, reliable, and professional brand for clients.

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Who are you?

Personal contact with you is important for your clients; they trust you as their independent financial advisor. You give them advice that is tailored to their personal situation.

Hypokeur’s advantages

  • Keep your own local reputation and name
  • Access to more than 40 financers
  • CRM system with integrated workflows
  • A great deal of entrepreneurial freedom
  • Assistance with AFM license application and advice software
  • Support with operations and compliance
  • Successfully run your business with the help of your formula manager

Want to discuss which formula would fit your business? We would be happy to explain the advantages of the Hypokeur formula to you.

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