Ingage helps its employees, customers, partners and investors to grow sustainably. We do this, for instancy, by facilitating sustainability. We dream big, but to make that happen, small steps are needed. Because we ask this of all our employees and partners, we make progress, step by step. This is how we motivate our employees, celebrate our successes and make the world a little better, one day at the time.

Our ESG policy

Ingage is affiliated to the EEM NL Hub and recognises the PRI of the UN

Grow sustainably

When you think of the future, you think of sustainability. Our products and services enable sustainable growth. We contribute to a greener society. We want to build sustainable ways of living. That is what investing in the future really means to us.

Contributing to the Climate goals

Our aim is to contribute as much as possible to and take account of the Climate Objectives set by the Dutch government for housing construction: making 1.5 million homes more sustainable by 2030. Therefore, we facilitate that our (future) housing portfolio can actually become more sustainable.

We are committed to this in various ways. With our Impact Mortgages label, for instance, we stimulate and reward making homes more energy efficient. For every new customer of this sustainable mortgage label, Staatsbosbeheer (the Dutch Forestry Commission) plants a plant, so that a new, future-proof forest can be created in North Brabant.

In addition, Ingage Franchise is one of the founders of the Sustainable Living Advisor course. In this way we ensure that sustainability is on the agenda in discussions with clients.

In addition, we increase awareness among and with our employees in the field of sustainability by paying extra attention to the office space and office supplies. We also regularly organise campaigns aimed at improving the quality of life in our surroundings.

The entire ESG spectrum

We do not only focus on the climate and making homes more sustainable. Ingage has concrete objectives that cover the entire ESG spectrum. Every entity and department within our organisation is committed to the environment, society and good governance, as their knowledge, expertise and capacity is strong. We dream big, but to achieve them many small steps are needed.

That is where our strength lies.

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At Ingage we dream big, but to make that happen many small steps are needed