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Excellent question! Ingage is a contraction of the fields in which we operate (Investments and Mortgages) and an important characteristic of all our employees: we are all engaged. Put that together, and you have a company where our employees are very engaged in investing in the future through mortgages.

Ingage is an organisation with a unique position in the Dutch mortgage market. The divisions within Ingage offer attractive investment opportunities, mortgage service and independent mortgage advice.

Our head office is in Amsterdam-Sloterdijk. But many of our employees work from home, from time to time, to create a nice work-life balance.


Well, the name Ingage officially came into use on 23 May 2022. The foundation for this financial services provider was laid in 2010, after the merger of several service providers that had been active in the mortgage industry for decades. We have a proven track record in financial services with more than €6 billion in assets under management.

Ingage and its employees consider it important to make a positive contribution to the environment, society and governance. We have therefore developed an ESG strategy. What does it boil down to? In all our work, innovations, processes and actions, we think about the impact we can make on the environment, on society and on good governance. This can be found in small things, such as printing less, no more water coolers in the office (the Dutch tap water is one of the best in the world) and buying sustainable packaging. But also in supporting good causes as employees and brands and setting up a sustainable mortgage label, Impact Hypotheken. Like our mission statement: we believe in a working environment that turns big plans into achievable goals. One that enables people and capital to grow just like their dreams. And secures a sustainable and solid tomorrow.